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(jordantimes): Amman

Fuel prices increase by JD0.01 per litre

The government’s fuel pricing committee on Tuesday decided to raise the prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene for August by JD0.01 per litre and maintain the price of gas cylinders at JD7.

According to the committee decision, the price of one litre of unleaded 90-octane gasoline will go up during August to JD0.825, up from JD0.815 per litre in July, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The price of unleaded 95-octane gasoline will sell at JD1.060 per litre in August, compared to JD1.1050 last month.

The price of one litre of diesel and kerosene will increase to JD0.625, compared with JD0.615 in July.

The committee said that it referred to international oil prices, which showed that the cost of a barrel of crude Brent oil stood at $74.34 in July.

As for the gas cylinders, the panel said it maintained the local price despite the increase in international rates to JD9.13, attributing the decision to the government’s procedures that aim at alleviating the burdens the low-income classes and coping with the local economic conditions of the public.

Local prices of oil derivatives have not been increased since May, where their international prices were not considered in their prices for June and July.

Prices of oil derivatives in the local market are calculated based on international prices, with the addition of other costs such as shipment, handling and taxes. 

Fuel Price History

Products name Last update of fuel prices
Gasoline 90 825 FLS/LT
Gasoline 95 1060 FLS/LT
Gasoline 98 1210 FLS/LT
Diesel 625 FLS/LT
Diesel Euro 5 625 FLS/LT
Kerosene 625 FLS/LT
Jet Fuel - Foreign Companies 484 FLS/LT
Jet Fuel - Non Recurring Flights 499 FLS/LT
Jet Fuel - Jordanian Companies 479 FLS/LT
Fuel Oil - Bunker 625 JD-TN
Diesel - Bunker 625 FLS-LT
Electric Co. GAS Oil NA FLS/LT
Fuel Oil 1.0% PCT 448.19 JD/TN
Fuel Oil 3.5% PCT 412.88 JD/TN
Electric Co. -F Oil NA JD/TN