Manaseer Oil & Gas took the lead in offering the electronic filling cards “eFill and eCash Cards” in the Jordanian market, being aware of the importance of the electronic payment methods and the new trends of the Jordanian people in favoring to pay through electronic cards, Manaseer Oil & Gas succeeded in installing a top of a notch system.

eFill and eCash Cards are used to replace the cash payments for gasoline and diesel where you can match your requirements & needs to the setup of the cards. These cards are user friendly and can be easily handled, and our main concern is to provide you with the right credit formula that matches your needs.

Our cards can be a convenient choice for you to control your gasoline expenditure and you can have a personal access to your consumption history, full control over the card “type of gasoline authorized, filling sites, quantity per fill”. Where this can help you control your consumption and your fleet.


How it works? We are confident that “eFill card“ is the right business solution for you, to enhance your convenience, we made it accessible on the web, where you can have full control over your card online, and it’s a powerful tool to monitor your card accounts where your fleet management is all set in one place. Right after applying for the eFill card, our customer service team will provide you with a user ID and password. Then establishing the online access where you can have full access over your cards and accounts at any time and place.

The online access will provide you with many beneficial services including but not limited to:

· 24/7 access to your transactions information through our user friendly online service.

· Access to change or block your card.

· Access to add, change or delete the registration of any vehicle number or a driver PIN.

· Check your invoices online.

· Control the process of purchasing, as the authentication of the card can be limited to certain times and dates.

Charging Mechanism

Through our web – based management system , our customers can set their credit limit whether on monthly, weekly or even daily basis, assign the allowed purchases, and availability statement checking at any time. With the availability of card holder information, credit limit and purchases limitation, expenditure above a certain limit can be controlled.

Customers can recharge their cards from any Manaseer Service Station site and at the Company Head-Quarter located in Airport main road opposite to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ceiling Mechanism

Each card can have a daily, monthly or yearly ceiling, depending on the fuel limit and the withdrawing transactions. Transaction will be locked in case of not having enough balance on the card or the main account. Transferring credit from the main account to a sub account by SMS or online.

This feature allows the transfer of a credit from the main account to the sub account by sending an SMS or through the website, after charging the main account with the required amount, it can be transferred to the card and the driver can use it immediately.

For more information, you can reach our customer service team at:

+962 797 803 780 or email them at: efill.customers@mgc-gas.com

For any other inquiries we will be pleased to serve you at +962 797 143 814.