Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

Manaseer Oil & Gas is committed to supplying the fuel needs for all customers – even alternative fuel supplies. Therefore, we plan on providing the energy needs for hybrid and electric cars at our modern electric charging stations.

We have installed five ABB charging units (each unit can charge 2 cars at a time) for public use in different locations covering a greater geographical area in the following Manaseer Oil & Gas service station locations.

 Station Name


 Airport Station

 Airport Road after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Royal Cultural Center Station

 Al Shmesani on Queen Alia Street opposite the Royal Cultural Center

 Al Saro Station

 Amman-Al Salt Road near Amman Private University

 Marka II Station

 King Abdullah Street beside the Marka battery factory

 Al Hosn II Station

 Irbid on King Abdullah II Street


Manaseer Oil & Gas plans to add 7 more superfast charging stations that take 15 minutes to fully charge a vehicle at different stations around the country to increase our coverage by the end of 2018.

All charging sessions can be paid for in cash or by credit card and prices are determined by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Regulation Commission.